Terms & Conditions

Booking and Cancellation Policy

We understand things may happen or occur, if there is a need to cancel or reschedule for any reason we ask for a 24hrs notice. There is a 10min late grace period, if you are more than 10mins late, you will have to reschedule, or accept the loss of your appointment time to accommodate the next client. We value everyone's time therefore, we only allow ONE reschedule before having to re-book with another deposit. No call/no shows made after 24hrs hours will result in a $25 service charges. All deposits are due at time of booking and remaining balance are due at time of service. We accept cash, debit and all major credit cards. You will be required to save card on file.
*Body contouring services requires a 72hr window before it can be serviced again due to toxin release time. When booking a series of sessions, please be sure your appointments are at least 3 days or more apart. If your 72hr window lands on the business closed day, schedule it for the next open availability.


**Disclaimer: We are not allowed to give medical advice. Number of sessions varies per person. Recommended 4-12 sessions. Results can be shown immediately with maximum within 72hrs. Results vary from per person. Results can be permanent with proper post care. Please consult with your primary care provider before beginning any services if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or taking prescribed medicine.**