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$25.00 | 30 Mins

Not sure which services would be best for your body type? Book a consultation to find out what treatment may be suitable for you to implement your desired body goals. Most questions can be found on the FAQ page. If there is a question that is not listed or you have other concerns feel free to book a time.

Abdominal Contouring

$125 | 1 hr 30 mins

Booking a single session is a great session to book if you'd like a taste of body contouring before taking the next step in committing to a package at a discounted rate. We encourage a minimum of 3-6 non-surgical body contouring services to enhance those natural curves. On average you can lose up to 3 inches in just one session, however, visible results can be seen after 3 sessions. Recommended 6 - 8 sessions for best results. *Please read Pre/Post treatment care instructions.

Mommy Tummy (Skin Tightening Only) - 6 sessions

$500 | 1 hr

CONGRATS! Dropped the baby weight? Looking to tighten stubborn post baby bump loose skin? This treatment service provides Radio Frequency skin tightening to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, tightens skin using heat energy to help with collagen production. *Must NOT be breastfeeding. *6 months post partum

Bra Fat - 3 sessions

$250 | 1 hr

Some areas can be stubborn and resistant to diet/exercise. Consider booking this bra fat reduction service to reduce the appearance of fat along the bra line.

Chin Reduction - 3 sessions

$150 | 1 hour

Our Chin Reduction service is a non-invasive technique to help enhance jawline appearance. As always, 3-6 sessions recommended for body contouring services. *Please arrive with area clean and free of oils.

Arm Sculpting - 3 sessions

$250 | 1 hour

Stubborn fat or loose skin? This service provides 3 sessions of arm tightening to help you feel comfortable in a short sleeve shirt again! *Birth control placement = contraindication. Please notify.

Leg Cellulite Treatment - 3 sessions

$300 | 1 hour 30 minutes

Per side only -- front or back. 3 - 6 sessions recommended. Ex. 3 front, 3 back. *Not for clients with high surfaced veins

Sauna Blanket

$50.00 | 30 minutes

Prepare to sweat out those toxins!! Benefits include: -Detoxifying and removing toxins -Increase energy, metabolism and immunity -Increase circulation and cardiovascular Increase sweating -Reduce calories and aid in weight loss -Reduce cellulite and rejuvenates the skin -Reduce chronic pain, joint pain and stiffness from injury Recommended to drink 2L of water or more before body detox sauna and after.

Laser Lipo

$50.00 | 1 hour

Laser Lipo emits cold laser energy into the body tissues that absorbed into the body to liquefy fat cells. Laser Lipo alone is great for clients with soft fat with BMI less than 30%. Perfect to combine with any treatment service.

Lipo Cavitation

$250 | 1 hr

A non-invasive, pain free treatment that uses high frequency heat and sound waves that penetrates the skin to break down fat. Cavitation treatment is great for: Slimming, Body Contouring, Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction, and firming appearance. *Post Op clients. Fight off fibrosis (hard painful lumps under your skin where surgery has been performed) with cavitation. Post Op massages should be started. (Not for anyone with serious health issues, metal plates or pacemaker.)

Enhanced BBL Special

$200 | 1 hr 30 mins

$50 deposit required for booking, remaining balance due at time of service. This non-invasive service is PAIN FREE and requires NO DOWNTIME! This treatment includes our Vacuum BBL, giving the area a more lifted and plumped appearance. Results can be permanent with proper post treatment care. Please keep in mind that this non-surgical treatment should be accompanied with a healthy diet and exercise in order to maximize and maintain your results. As always, 3-6 sessions recommended.